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Corporate philosophy

In the beginning was the wheel….
Great was that day when man first saw that a “round object” could roll and, if mechanically modified, could move things about, even man himself.
Homo sapiens, in his geniality, traveled from one place to another without effort, dreaming of a bright and prosperous future, until one day he strongly felt the need to slow down!!

Then came the “martinicca”
It was no longer enough to tell the slaves to “Halt!!”. The use of animals and the increase in speed had made Martino* feel that another force was at play and that it had to be brought under control: the force of inertia.
This is how the first brakes were born – for example the “martinicca” (the shoe brake of animal-powered vehicles such as wagons, carriages, etc., manually operated using screw-like mechanism or a system of ropes and pulleys). In practice, two materials were pushed against each other to create friction. Thus the brake was invented. This was good.

Martino*: Perhaps “Martinicca” derives from the proper name of Martino.

Friction materials for brakes and clutches.
Since the time of Martino, research has gone forward non-stop. Both common and professional use of the brake has steadily evolved.
Where strength, power and speed were necessary, the more sophisticated and effective the brakes became.
Modern friction materials are now able to withstand high temperatures and heavy loads. Whether we are talking about Formula
One racing, overhead cranes or even a simple mountain bike, everything is proportional, everything is studied.
Security is vital!