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Industrial disk braking systems

Industrial disk braking systems – Ima production of industrial disk braking systems – Made in Italy

Industrial disk braking systems

Designed and made for operating according to the working conditions and the technical features defined by the application.


pdf-iconHand operated brakes

The caliper brakes with manual control are the ideal application for machines of relative simplicity and in which a continuously adjustable braking is not indispensable. This type of product is therefore an excellent mix between maximum simplicity of use and high performance.

pdf-iconPneumatic caliper brakes (air applied)

The wide range of pneumatically actuated caliper brakes allows to satisfy the most different requirements found in the field of modern machine design. The numerous mounting possibilities combined with the effectiveness and precision of the pneumatic device allow to solve any problem related to braking.

pdf-iconPneumatic caliper brakes (spring applied)

Negative brakes make it possible to satisfy the need to brake and lock the rotating parts of machines without any external energy source. In this type of product the braking force is guaranteed by the springs inside the brake, and is therefore an application of considerable interest.

In order to effectively comply with safety regulations, a range of hydraulically actuated spring brakes has been developed. The wide possibility of using this type of product make it its strong point.

Designed and manufactured to operate according to the working conditions and technical characteristics defined by the application.

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