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Ima Green: Regneration, reuse, and recycling for a sustainable future

For us, attention to the environment and to future generations is not simply a trend. We have always believed in a circular economy that focuses on people and nature, where reuse and recycling creates not only cost effi ciency, but is, above all, the direction of society and the market. In our shop, thanks to the expertise acquired in over 50 years of activity, we rebuild brake parts with “worn-out” materials. We can review:

  • small brake shoes
  • cranes/elevator  brake blocks
  • presses  large brake discs
  • drills brake bands
  • special applications

In this way we are able to reduce waste materials by between 20 and 30 percent, thus reducing waste and the necessity to find disposal solutions.

Re-Generation IMA!

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Regeneration clutches

Regeneration brakes